Agri Food Consultant

Serving the Food & Agri-business Sector …in any way & every way

Agri Food Industry Consulting

From food processing to packaging; food distribution to managing the value chain; strategic planning to helping producers in meeting demands of the market; George Mitges & Associates Inc. delivers the best to its clients.

George Mitges, the founder of GMA carries with him years of insightful experience, and it is through his vision that GMA focuses on innovation and perfection. No matter what the project is, GMA always strives to plan and execute it resourcefully, and this is what that helps your business increase its market share.

George is well informed about the food and agri-business sector. He is aware of the industry regulations and market demands. George will not only provide high quality services but he will also position your company perfectly in the industry.

We don’t understand the term ‘complicated,’ because this is the reason you’ve chosen GMA

We understand business and we understand customers, the two forces that your enterprise should balance perfectly in order to flourish. At GMA, we present you with such combination of strategies that make this process easier for you.

GMA has got the right expertise and the right knowledge to put your business on the right track. Our sound and comprehensive strategies will help you grow your business confidently and professionally.

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George Mitges & Associates – International Agribusiness Consultant

GMA – The Taste of Innovation

Are you looking for professionals who can help you outline, plan, execute, organize, re-organize and manage your business or its different processes? If yes, then George Mitges and Associates Inc. has the right strategic guidance you need.

We believe that when it comes to strategic management, it’s not just about managing the processes but it’s about managing them uniquely, and GMA is the perfect innovator.

GMA deals with anything and everything that is related to the food & agri-business sector, and this is accomplished with the help of our professionals at GMA. No matter what your project is; our team of experts will lead you in the right direction.

It is our passion and understanding of the industry that push us to plan innovative moves for our client’s business and we love to see you succeed…

Agri Food Industry Consulting provides a wide-ranging expertise in agribusiness and personalized consulting service to the production agricultural community over 30 years

 George Mitges – Leading GMA with a Vision

George Mitges is behind the unique vision of GMA: ‘Deliver innovation and perfection.’ He is a Professional Agrologist (P.Ag.) and has 30 years of experience in the food and agri-business sector in both Canada & the United States.

Agri Food Industry Consulting possesses wide-ranging expertise in food service, retail, packaging, food distribution and food processing. He has also managed mature segments of the mass market value chain. George did it perfectly by focusing on consumer’s needs, and assisting producers to supply their products to the market efficiently and profitably.

His experience in board governance, strategic planning and management has helped him recognise the complex patterns of the food and agriculture sector, and now this understanding is leading GMA’s way to your business success.

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